1.5 meters passing distance

Today was an important one for cyclists, with the Minimum Passing Distance Legislation being passed.

A statement from the department of Transport said: “All existing overtaking offences are set out in secondary legislation, this is the most appropriate route for introducing MPD for cyclists. Following their finalisation and approval by the Office of the Attorney General, the regulations will be introduced, once the required equipment for measuring the minimum passing distance has been procured by An Garda Síochana.”

The Department added: “In the interim, the Road Safety Authority will be launching an awareness campaign this Friday (weather permitting) recommending that drivers allow at least one metre overtaking distance when passing cyclists in speed zones up to 50 km/h and at least 1.5 metres when passing on roads with speed limits of over 50 km/hour.”

IrishCyclingNews.com would like to express Thanks to All involved in getting this over the line.

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