Irish Cycling Diary 30th Nov 2018 #Irishcycling

by Tommy Campbell

It is that time of year, when, inevitably you make soundings about what you want for CHRISTMAS from the man in LAPLAND or the NORTH POLE!! I penned a few ideas to make life simple for you! Also it was a weight off my shoulders when SAM BENNETT got over the finishing line as cyclist of the year. 

Sam Bennett, Bora–Hansgrohe, receives the Winner of the International Performance of the Year award from Geoff Liffey, CEO of Cycling Ireland, during the Cycling Ireland Awards at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown, Dublin. Photo by Stephen McMahon/Cycling Ireland

Sam Bennett Wins Cycling Award  : Click Here 
Truth is, I didn’t vote this time (as I was exasperated with his non-inclusion over the years. I am firmly of the belief that his Tour de France finish a couple of years was a feat on its own. Hopefully it will go down in the annals of not alone Irish cycling BUT world cycling. I rest my case!) So, maybe I was the culprit that denied his placing on the top of the MOUNTAIN.

It is that time of year, when, if are considering making new year resolutions?
There is an unfortunate, but well known fallacy that bicycles are like clothes! Yes, you can grow into them. Well, that is totally incorrect and cause problems? No one should fall into this trap and to make sure that it doesn’t go under the radar.
You learn or at least should do! Rule one, should be when buying a bicycle is to go to your local bicycle outlet. They’ll more than likely greet you and pass on the experience they have gained from experience of dealing with the public. They’ll value your custom. Normally, they’ll let you browse throughout the out and will observe how you are mind is honing in on various machines. After all they’ll want you to end up with the proper machine and as a good sales person. They’ll hope that you will become a sale in later periods.
When choosing a bike there are a number of pitfalls to avoid? Questions have to be asked, the correct answers, will ensure that the maximum pleasure, satisfaction and value is brought to heel from the bike.
First of all-why do I want it? To cycle of course, but what sort of cycling! Such as long, journeys / relaxation / touring / competition (maybe you could be a Sean Kelly or Stephen Roche, after all they set the scene) or just fun?

Sad to see that Philip Deignan of Team Sky has called it a day in the professional ranks. Philip Deignan retires after 14 years of Professional Cycling : Click Here 
He was a model cyclist. In my opinion there has to be a BOOK on his exploits as a person. His first inkling was a cycle to Sligo which is well documented. But for me it was his performance in the EAGLE TOUR in Langkawi (Malaysia) in the year 2003. Alone you could a BOOK. Happy retirement Philip from all at

The answer to those queries will determine what range your purchase will make your mind up. With that settled. This is where the sales person will come into own.
Too small and you will NEVER be comfortable. Too big and you could end not being in total or l control of the machine. Also you will be visiting him that a danger not alone to yourself but the general public.
If choosing a bicycle is suddenly starting to sound like hard work, don’t worry, it isn’t. Your sales person will make it both enjoyable and fun. Find out for yourself by crossing the threshold of a bicycle outlet?


Bray CX GP Results – Sorry for the delay.  

Bray_CX_2018_Results ICN


Is anything safe in this world of cycling?

 Twenty bikes were conveniently removed   from 3T headquarters, including a one-of-a-kind Exploro hand-painted by the late Dario Pegoretti.

The facility at Bergamo, Italy had a visit from robbers last Monday. was robbed on Monday morning as indicated on social media.

Allegedly six or eight culprits eight (masked)  got through  a 1-meter-thick wall to reach the warehouse and in turn helped themselves to the booty of at least twenty 20 bikes. The police were on site within minutes of the robbery, but the thieves had scarpered.

Among the bikes, stolen was an Exploro painted by the late Dario Pegoretti. The famous Italian framebuilder died August 23. The bike was a gift from Pegoretti to 3T in celebration of the launch of the Exploro.

3T has asked anyone with information on the robbery. The Pegoretti Exploro is notable for its distinctive downtube painting.


I have no doubt that plans are afoot for the Worlds in England next year!

Recently I spoke with Declan and Oliver from the Ballbriggan CC.

They have certainly scooped a great location with their HOTEL within metres of the finishing line. No doubt Oliver and Declan were in before the announcement was made. The Early Bird ………

2019 UCI World Championships schedule

  • Sat Sept 21 – Beverley-Tadcaster-Wetherby-Harrogate Circuit – Para-cycling Road Races (C1 Event)
  • Sun September 22 – Harrogate Circuit – Team Time Trial Mixed Relay – 28km (two circuits)
  • Mon September 23 – Harrogate Circuit – Women Junior Individual Time Trial – 14km (one circuit)
  • Mon Sept 23 – Men Junior Individual Time Trial – 28km (two circuits)
  • Tues September 24 – Ripon to Harrogate – Men Under 23 Individual Time Trial – 32.5km (route plus one circuit)
  • Tues Sept 24 – Women Elite – Individual Time Trial – 32.5km (route plus one circuit)
  • Weds September 25 – Northallerton to Harrogate – Men Elite Individual Time Trial – 54km (route only)
  • Thurs September 26 – Richmond to Harrogate – Men Junior Road Race – 144.5km (route plus three circuits)
  • Fri Sept 27 – Doncaster to Harrogate – Women Junior Road Race – 91.5km (route only)
  • Fri Sept 27 – Men Under 23 Road Race – 192.5km (route plus three circuits)
  • Sat 28 September 28 – Bradford to Harrogate – Women Elite Road Race – 149.5km (route plus three circuits)
  • Sun September 29 – Leeds to Harrogate – Men Elite Road Race – 284.5km (route plus seven circuits)


Great Video here : Dun Laoghaire Cycling Week 1955 1956


The AIOCC General Assembly was held on Friday, November 23rd in Amsterdam,thanks to the efficiency of Léo Van Vliet, Amstel Gold Race organizer and former pro cyclist.

David Lappartient, President of the International Cycling Union, and Tom Vandamme, President of the UCI Road Commission, were also in attendance and presented the main points of the 2020 reform.


Christian Prudhomme, president of the AIOCC, said in opening:

“Each of us, each organizer, legitimately, wants to know what will happen to our races, to what category it will belong, how many points it will give to top finishers, what will be its status, its standing; whether the planned changes will not only be good for the sport but even more that it is for the greater good; whether these changes will be good for the race or races for which we are responsible (…)

Nothing is more important than the credibility of the race results in our discipline. We must be able to believe in ourselves, that people can believe in our champions, that they can admire them without reservation, that we are no longer the subject of muddy but regular jokes on the internet and in the media; in the world of the opinion makers (…)

No reform, no reorganization will have as much impact on our future as this respect for ethics, and the resulting healthy image.”

“I am president of the UCI, but also an organizer of cycling events. I am aware of all the difficulties you may encounter, and

I admire the work that you do throughout the year. The UCI is at the service of cycling’s stakeholders, and we firmly hope that the reforms put in place will open new horizons for our sport.”
David Lappartient, President of the International Cycling Union (UCI).


From left to right: David Lappartient, Marianne Vos, Christian Prudhomme and Leo Van Vliet
Dutch cycling champion, Marianne Vos, and the 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia represented by its director Mauro Vegni, received the 2017 AIOCC Trophy from Christian Prudhomme.


Next year Eddy Merckx will be similarly honored by the AIOCC.

The AIOCC was created on October 19, 1956, in Milan, at the headquarters of the daily newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport, under the chairmanship of Jacques Goddet, Director of the Tour de France.
Today, it brings together the biggest organizers of cycling events on the world calendar, including the three Grand Tours, 24 UCI WorldTour events, and 10 women’s events. Our goals are:

  • To encourage and develop cycling
  • To preserve cycling heritage
  • To unite racing organizers


Our missions include developing the various calendars of road and circuit events in collaboration with the International Cycling Union (UCI).
We represent organizers
in international bodies and also offer our expertise to the various federal authorities.