Irish Cycling Diary 14th Dec #Irishcycling

by Tommy Campbell

There is only one story doing the rounds at the moment! YES, it is the announcement that Team Sky are discontinuing their sponsorship of the professional team as of the year ending 2019. Irrespective of the news, they’ll leave a huge vacuum in the world of cycling. They certainly brought the world of cycling into the headlines. Admittedly, the world is a better place for their contribution to the sport at all levels. If the ABC figures in relation to cycling was known? It certainly would up there in glorious Technicolor. It came as a bolt out of the blue, but in a brief statement,  “The end of 2019 is the right time for us to move on as we open a new chapter in Sky’s story,” Jeremy Darroch, the chief executive of Sky Group said.
I have no doubt that somebody with deep pockets will come in. Obviously there will be casualties, but that’s life.
Oddly, enough as one Irishman steps out into the shadows, another steps in! Philip Deignan will have no headaches as the Donegal man walks into the sunset. BUT, the new kid on the block Eddy Dunbar comes into the SKY frame. Personally, I have little doubt that Eddy will soar like an eagle and gain that valuable experience within the confines of the SKY outfit. Looking ahead into August of next year, Bill Humphreys from the USA is heading for a reunion with the old sod where he raced many years ago in the days of what was formerly called the RALEIGH DUNLOP TOUR OF IRELAND. And whilst I’m at it, next week an insight into Irish unique ‘tours’ going forward. YES there are question marks. All will be revealed on FRIDAY week. MAYBE SANTA will come with news. 

Bill Humphreys

Tour of Ireland Reunion ….August 4 to 10th 2019

I’m bringing as many of my old CRCofA/Raleigh boys as I can gather, John Howard, (3rd GC 1973), Doug Dale, Bobby Phillips, John Bare, Dicky Dunn to name a few who will do their best to join the Irish Peleton of McQuaids, Lallys and others, Sean Kelley will stop by as will Phil Liggett.

We along with a large group of Irishmen from back in the day, will be riding together for 5 days, telling stories and swapping lies ea…ch evening. (See, attached for proposed routing and hotels)

This will be a once in a lifetime event, celebrating two countries, America & Ireland, launching onto the European and professional cycling circuit.
The era represented is all connected to the Tour of Ireland from 1972 to 1982.

This event provided an opportunity for Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America to develop the skills and stamina necessary to play at the next level, and we took full advantage of that.

The Tour of Ireland, allowed USA Cycling to gain exposure and accelerate our national program. The Irish were on the same projectile at the time and would soon be sending riders to the professional ranks in England and the continent

Plans for a banquet one night are coming together. Fund raiser for Irish Youth Commission.

Estimated attendance for this event could include 20 from America and 50 to 80 from Ireland & Great Britain but the impact and historical significance of this reunion will garner many opportunities for entertainment and exposure far beyond the Emerald Isle.

See Link:

Bill Humphreys

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Five days of riding in Ireland in August of 2019.

Commissaire Course

Commissaires Course 9th /10th February 2019
Cycling Ireland are organising a Two Day Commissaires Course for Road
Racing over the weekend of February 9th /10th 2019.

The venue will be City North Hotel, Gormanston, Co. Meath.

So why become a cycling official?

● You want to put something back into the sport you love

● A rewarding job to see the best rider win

● Social side of meeting people with the same passion

● To be in the company of people who all want to enjoy themselves and a good atmosphere

● An enjoyment of being outdoors

Once anyone has been a member of a National Federation for a minimum of three years and has a good knowledge of Road Racing then they can apply and aim to become a Commissaire and see the sport from a totally different aspect.

We look forward to hearing from you before Sunday 13th January 2019.

All applications and enquiries to:



by Paddy Doran

Christmas is a time when amateur cyclists have some extra time for training and there are also opportunities for parties and more socialising than usual. It’s also a time when colds and flus are prevalent in the general population.These are just a few things that I have noticed about Christmas and training from a coach’s perspective.

Cyclists should try to improve fitness and stay healthy while still enjoying the festive season. So how do you do it all?

1: Social life

The immune system is usually reduced for a number of hours following intensive or high volume training. Going into a roomful of people with your immune system compromised from heavy training is probably the easiest way to pick up colds.

So just avoid training or train very easily on days that parties and nights out are planned. Far better to miss one days training than a week or more off the bike from illness.


Get reasonable amounts of sleep according to how you train. Of course you can wake up early to see what Santa brings you on Christmas morning!!

3: Nutrition

Fuel your training sessions correctly. If doing long and or intensive sessions they need to be fuelled with carbohydrate to support immune function. Treat yourself, use the mammies Christmas cake and pudding as snacks for some of the sessions. Life is short, you will be squeezing energy gels into your mouth in a lineout soon enough.

Here’s some other great tips from Crionna  Performance Nutritionist Fuel and Perform

4: Hydrate

Hydrate well during sessions. This can sometimes be overlooked in the cold weather. However with the great cycling gear available now the cyclist can still be losing fluids through sweating even in the cold weather. Turbo training can also result in large fluid losses. So, use a good fan and well aired room for your turbo training and have drinks available.

5 Keep a Balance on Training loads

Elite cyclists

Elite athletes.  This time of year is a great opportunity for extra training. If you are an elite athlete some of the Christmas festivities might have to be moderated to allow for a large amount of training.

Club Cyclists

Enjoy your training, use the available time well without overdoing things. The holiday is an opportunity to get some extra days training carried out. However do not increase the amount of training or training days by too much as this can also put undue stress on the immune system

Two lines cycling


.NOTE: If you are a cyclist who gets a lot of minor colds it’s often a sign that your training, rest, nutrition and life balance needs to be looked at. A good coach should be able to help you make changes if required.


The first stop with anything medical should be the family doctor or local sports Doctor.

Cycling expertise

Knowledge is key to consistent cycling success


Paddy Doran High Performance cycling coach for great training programmes and Club coaching sessions


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The fourth Track World Cup of the 2018/19 season takes place this weekend in London.

This weekend’s action is the fourth of 6 World Cups taking place this season, with riders best 3 results counting towards Olympic qualification for Tokyo 2020. Paracycling events are incorporated in this round of the World Cup for the first time in the competition’s history.

A 14 strong Irish team has been selected;

Shannon McCurley – Madison
Lydia Boylan – Madison

Shannon McCurley – Omnium

Robyn Stewart – Keirin and Sprint

Felix English – Madison

Mark Downey – Madison

Marc Potts – Omnium

Martin Gordon and Eamonn Byrne – Paracycling Tandem B Sprint

Chris Burns – Paracycling C 1-3 1km TT

Alice Sharpe – Team Pursuit

Hilary Hughes – Team Pursuit

Mia Griffin – Team Pursuit

Orla Walsh – Team Pursuit

Kelly Murphy – Team Pursuit

Follow Ireland’s Track World Cup progress in London’s Olympic velodrome this weekend via @IreCyclingFed on Twitter, and @CyclingIrelandFed on InstaStories and Instagram.

Full event schedule:

Live timing: