The Greenmount Cycling Academy held their first of three Youth League Races at Limerick Race Course Wed 9th Aug. Each race was run separately and there was a great turnout in each category with plenty of talent flying around in a traffic free, safe and on a excellent course. Results as follows:

Results League Race 1, 9th Aug

1 Maximilian Fitzgerald Planet X
2 Killian Chawke
3 Callum Sutton Greenmount
4 Brian Barry
5 Eva Loftus Greenmount
6 Robyn Brennan the Hub
7 Isabella Fitzgerald Planet X
8 Darragh Murphy Greenmount


1 Evan McConville OLearyStone
2 Sean Tarrant OLearyStone
3 Shauna Finn NCW
4 William O Connor OLearyStone
5 Stephen Sheehan OLearyStone
6 Ciaran Russell BRT
7 Evan Barry
8 Evelyn Wrenn NCW
9 Jack Curtin NCW
10 Molly Geary
11 Jake Heenan Greenmount


1 David Shine OLearyStone
2 Michael Gammell NCW
3 Patrick Morley OLearyStone
4 Darragh O Neill CRNS
5 Samuel Moloney Greenmount
6 Sean Murphy NCW
7 Tara Cusack Greenmount
8 Luke Moynihan OLearyStone


1 Tom Moriarty OLearyStone
2 Sean Barrett OLearyStone
3 Tom O Connor OLearyStone
4 Fintan Caulfield Greenmount
5 Denis Murphy OLearyStone
6 Tadgh Walsh OLearyStone
7 Jordan Luke NCW
8 Arnaud Dumoulin OLearyStone
9 Nathan Teskey NCW
10 Lucy O Donnell OLearyStone
11 Ella Doherty Ennis
12 Brian O Riordan NCW


Greenmount Cycling Academy would like to thank everyone who travelled to the Greenmount racecourse, Limerick to race the youth / underage racing. It was the first of the 3 week league event. There was a great turnout. Again would like to thank everyone that helped out with the organisation. Also the sponsors The Hub and Cycling Munster.

Details here for Next week’s. Please come along.