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WELL! It’s over for the moment. But the “Fat lady has to sing” before we can relax before year end.

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For this the last DIARY of 2017!
Let me say that I was delighted to see that two commissaries have graduated into the higher echelons of cycling hierarchy. Pat Dowd and John Breen graduated at two locations in Europe. They deserve or congratulations and we wish well in the years where they will bring their expertise into play.

Happy New Year to you all

Ok….hows the Winter training going?

Have you created on a good base/foundation to build on?
You have to learn to go steady/slow now so you can go faster later!
Here’s a little appetizer for you….to Shake off that Wheel Sucking Turkey!

Set your time on the 1st day of 2018 in order to compare during the season as you get stronger, better and faster!

Barefield, Ennis, Co Clare 11 am

New Job Opportunity

Cycling Ireland are seeking to hire an Admin & Compliance Officer (ACO). This is a newly created position within the Ulster region, which has been introduced via part funding, received from Sport Northern Ireland’s Sporting Clubs/Sporting Winners Programme and via funding support from Cycling Ulster & Cycling Ireland (CI). The Admin & Compliance Officer will form an integral part of the sport development team within Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster.

The ACO will be responsible for supporting the work of the Cycling Ulster Executive and addressing compliance items. The ACO will attend Cycling Ulster Executive Meetings and assist with administrative tasks for the Executive as well as the Ulster commissions. Additionally, they will be responsible for helping to achieve the principles of Good Governance for the Voluntary and Community sector.

The closing date for applications is the 19th of December.
Full details of this role and application process can be found here.

2 New UCI Elite National Commissaires in Ireland

Cycling Ireland would like to congratulate John Breen and Pat Dowd for their recent completion of the UCI’s Road Elite National Commissaire qualification course.

Familiar faces to many racers, John completed his course in Bad Blankenbug, Germany in October and Pat completed his course in Pruzskow, Poland in November.

Both are now qualified UCI Elite National Commissaires

“The toughest bike race in Europe demands the toughest equipment,” said Race Around Ireland organiser Alan Heary in welcoming cyclewear manufacturer Primal Europe as the official jersey supplier to Race Around Ireland for 2018.

Competitors in the 2018 2,200km Race Around Ireland non-stop bike race and its sibling event, The Irish Ultra Challenge will be supplied with a bespoke design Race Around Ireland 2018 Primal Europe jersey when they set out on the ultimate cycling odyssey in August.

Having supplied professional and club teams along with event jerseys for numerous mass participation events throughout Europe over the years, Primal Europe is well placed to support the riders in one of the toughest races in the world of ultracycling.

In the ultimate test of human endurance, riders will face the famously daunting and picturesque Irish roads for a maximum of five days and nights next August with all the terrain and weather variations that this famous event can throw at them.

It’s the tenth anniversary of an event that has already established itself as a ‘must-do’ on the ultracycling calendar and is a qualifying event for the world famous Race Across America.

As cycling continues to blossom as a participation sport, Primal Europe is expanding its custom supply business into the Irish market and sees this agreement with Race Around Ireland as the ideal opportunity to announce their arrival.

“Race Around Ireland is the perfect event for Primal Europe to demonstrate the quality of its products,” says Primal Europe Company Director James Smith. “It’s also one of the most amazing sporting events on planet Earth and we’re thrilled to be able to begin an association with this unique race.

“A 2,200km non-stop bike ride is not just the ultimate test of a bike rider’s endurance, it’s also the most demanding test bed for a clothing manufacturer and we’re looking forward to showcasing our products next August.

“When you’re on your bike up to 22 hours a day, the last thing you need to focus your dwindling energy resources on is your clothing. You need to be sure that it can do the job and let you focus on the business of keeping those pedals turning.”

Smith himself will be putting his products to the test when he takes on the Irish Ultra Challenge, the companion event to Race Around Ireland which runs at the same time. As with its sibling event, the Irish Ultra Challenge is not for the faint hearted with 1100km of non-stop racing in front of the riders when they set off from Trim Castle in August.

Welcoming Primal Europe as official jersey supplier to Race Around Ireland, event organiser Alan Heary said: “Primal Europe is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality cycle wear and we’re honoured to begin this important collaboration. The Primal Europe team are true sports enthusiasts and I’m delighted that James will be taking on the challenge.”

#Ready4Road Social Media Awareness Campaign

Cycling Ireland is proud to launch the #Ready4Road social media awareness campaign. This campaign will highlight the importance of knowing the rules of the road and of performing appropriate checks prior to heading out on the road. The aim is for a greater awareness amongst cyclists of safety, and of the positive impact that being prepared can have. Practising awareness is important for all road users; cyclists and motorists alike. Creating a safer environment is a shared responsibility.

Why are we launching this campaign?

In the last decade there have been close to one hundred cyclists killed on our roads according to data from the RSA. Since 2007 there have been spikes in these numbers. While we can’t stop accidents from happening we can provide information to allow cyclists to be confident and competent riders. Accidents usually happen due to the environment and/or due to a lack of awareness on the road. Cyclists cannot change the environment, nor can they change the behaviours of other road users, but being equipped with the correct information and skills as to how to use the road correctly on a bicycle will assist riders in making correct judgements when enjoying their journey.

Who are we targeting?

We are targeting cyclists of all ages, from beginners to seasoned riders. It’s never too late to learn about safety, and to put that learning into practice. We would like to encourage all our members new and old to start by wearing reflective clothing between dusk and dawn to increase the visibility of cyclists on the roads. With winter coming the nights are getting longer and daylight hours are getting shorter; it is vital to be safe and to be seen, and to eliminate lack of visibility as an excuse for accidents on the road.


If you would like to follow our campaign you can find us using the hashtag #Ready4Road, on twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Join the conversation by tweeting and sharing your thoughts, or show us how you are #Ready4Road, tag us in your posts, photos and tweets on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Let’s get talking about safer roads and safer lives.

Children First Act – Commenced 11 December 2017

Children First Act - Commenced 11 December 2017

The Children First Legislation in the Republic of Ireland was passed and signed into law on 19th November 2015. On Monday 2nd October 2017 the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, announced that following almost two years of preparations all remaining provisions of the Children First Act 2015 will be commenced on 11th December 2017.

This is important to sports clubs as the Act places specific obligations on organisations which provide services to children and young people, including the requirement to:

1. Keep children safe from harm while they are using your service

2. Carry out a risk assessment (It should be noted that risk in this context is the risk of abuse and not general health and safety risk) to identify whether a child or young person could be harmed while receiving your services

3. Develop a Child Safeguarding Statement that outlines the policies and procedures which are in place to manage the risks that have been identified, see below for more detail

4. Appoint a relevant person to be the first point of contact in respect of the organisation’s Child Safeguarding Statement.

What is a Child Safeguarding Statement?

After the risk assessment has been completed, organisations are required to develop a Child Safeguarding Statement that outlines the policies and procedures which are in place to manage the risks that have been identified. This is a written statement that specifies the service being provided and the principles and procedures to be observed in order to ensure, as far as practicable, that a child availing of the service is safe from harm. Cycling Ireland have a safeguarding statement in place ‘Code of Practice and Safeguarding Procedures for Young and Vulnerable Cyclists’ that all clubs affiliated to Cycling Ireland must agree to and we would recommend adapt and use at club level. Please see link below:

Cycling Ireland Code of Conduct

Sport Ireland Code of Conduct

The Child Safeguarding Statement should provide an overview of the measures that our organisation has in place to ensure that children are protected from harm. It may also refer to more detailed policies which can be made available on request. Our safeguarding policy will address all these issues.

Background information:

  • Tusla published an accompanying suite of Children First resource documents for those individuals and organisations who will acquire legal obligations under the Children First Act 2015.

In the context of good practices by our sport, these guidance documents, applicable in ROI jurisdiction, are relevant to all our clubs/organisations (both in ROI and Northern Irl.) as we seek and adopt the highest possible standards and practices on an All-Ireland basis.

Mandated Person:

Brigid O’Dea is Cycling Ireland’s Mandated Person. Mandated Persons have 2 main legal obligations under the Children First Act 2015;

· To report harm of children, above a defined threshold to Tusla
· To assist Tusla, if requested, is assessing a concern which has been subject of a mandated report.

Under the legislated, a Mandated Person, is required to report and knowledge, belief or reasonable suspicion that a child is being harmed, or at risk of being harmed.

Please make contact with Brigid ([email protected] ; 0860447735) if you have any concerns about the welfare of a child in our organisation.

In the coming months we shall be required to review our reporting of abuse procedures regarding the use of Designated Liaison Persons and Mandated Persons (paid employee), the Act will require us to carry out risk assessments (Safeguarding only) at all levels of our sport and we (including clubs) will have to publish and put on display a ‘Child Safeguarding Statements’ and much more.

This legislation is important to Cycling Ireland clubs in a number of ways. Therefore, it is critical that we have your support and compliance in adopting any new practices set out in the legislation.

Please note, this communication is to alert you to changes that are due to be introduced in the coming months. Cycling Ireland will provide further communication and support over the next period to assist you in these changes.

The welfare of children and young people in our organisation is of paramount importance. Thanks for your support in helping to make cycling a fun, safe and positive experience for all our young cyclists

Further information regarding carrying out risk assessments and the child safeguarding statement will follow in due course.

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