McKenna & Dunne Up the Road - Bergen - World Road Race Champs 2017- Photo © Bsutton
McKenna & Dunne Up the Road - Bergen - World Road Race Champs 2017 - Photo © Bsutton

by Tommy Campbell

Another year! Yes. It is time for the A to Z listing. Believe it not! According to Ripley! Who is he? Met him recently, in Cranford (home of the JT Memorial) Co. Donegal. Over a cup of tea and delicious sandwiches with ‘Jingle Bells’ ringing out in the bakground, I asked him for his input into the column. ‘Sure, I’d be a waste of time giving you any hints or more to the point. NO! I don’t mean the black stuff. That would lead you up the garden path and who would say, weren’t you up there before. Can’t you rely on your own initiative and tell them the truth in your own words. AND no fancy tongue twisters!’ You don’t want them searching for the CONCISE OXFORD DICTIONARY  Away with you and back to the big smoke where you belong. See you in July me oul flower,

A has to be for An Post who were truly great sponsors and ambassadors for our sport at all levels. Aileen Mooney and her team left no stone unturned. They’ll truly be missed, but not forgotten.
B is for Barry Sutton who captured the moment in great detail with Peter Sagan doing the Triple in Norway at the Road Race Championships.
C is for Tony Campbell who against all the odds pulled off a massive hit with the cycling public in Co. Donegal last year. A great ambassador, you’ll be missed.
D is for a lady who silently went about the business of promoting cycling for AN POST. Sadly, but thankfully, she has gone on to greater pastures. M/s Delaney you will be missed.
E is for the Errigal Youth Tour (sorry International). It has gone from strength to strength under the watchful eye of James Harnett and his team in Churchill, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Like all good organisers he has a skilled team who don’t know the word NO!
F is for the flying squad at the Stafford Wholesale Two-Day (three stages). All stages laid out! Suddenly at the twelfth hour, out of respect and courtesy for the third stage because of a funeral. Michael Noonan did the impossible and changed the route. On the evening before the third stage along with John Ryan a survey was carried out. It was an intricate course, but yet Michael did the impossible and I mean the impossible!
G is for Gleeson (Limerick/Clare), Vincent to be precise! He stands out as do others up and down the country, who give of their time unselfishly to harness the youth that want to learn the skills of our sport in a safe environment. Personally, I thought his initiative in getting permission to organise events for the next generation of the sport on the Limerick Race Course. Take a bow please.
H is for hoping and wishing that the former event, the Ben McKenna Memorial will again feature on the roads around north Co. Dublin!
I is for Ireland and sadly this coming season. The name of Sean Kelly and his team will be an absentee in the ranks of cycling on the continent. Hopefully, this is just a bleep on the horizon. I have a sneaking suspicion that he has taken time out and that himself and KURT will be on the launching pad in 2019. You cannot keep good men down!
J is for Jerseys presented at stage races on the home (Kerry Group Ras Mumhan for instance) scene. Yellow for the overall leader, green for the best sprinter, polka dot for the best climber, and white for the best young rider.
K is for Paul Kennedy of Newcastlewest CC/Cahills Cheese who certainly made a name for himself all year. But, it was in the Kerry Group Ras Mumhan on the ATHEA stage that he truly blossomed onto the BIG STAGE. Such was the excitement that he missed out on the podium presentation. “It was once in a lifetime win and I certainly brought a big smile to my family and sponsor. “SAY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
L is for Liam King! Who? Yes, he was a big player for many a long year in the development of cycling in this country. Oh! It is easy to forget the pioneers of the early years. He never wanted plaudits, but it is nice to say THANKS to Liam for his contribution.

M is for Mckenna. NO, not the President, but his nephew Sean who represented Ireland at the recent world championships. His words at the end of the event spoke volumes for the parents up and down this land who week in week out are at races! This was the first Elite World Championships for McKenna, and the significance of his effort was not lost on the Dubliner – “This was one of the best days I’ve ever had on the bike – I was willing to do anything in the break. My dad was on the cobbled climb and every time I passed I saw him smile. You’ve no idea how many races he brought me to and I was last in every single one, and I was just in the break in the World Championships – that’s unbelievable!

N is for the nicknames. Best ones from times past in the professional ranks! “The Cannibal, Merckx; The Badger, Hinault; The Pirate, Marco Pantani; The Tashkkent Toarnado, Djamolidine Abdouijaparov; The Eagle of Toledo, Federico Bahamontes. Certainly gave my age away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O is for Oscar.The most original and enchanting film ever made, the 2003 animation classic Belleville Rendezvous in which three tour TdF riders are kidnapped mid-race. Believe it or not, considering the Oscar nominations were announced recently. It got two nominations back then.

Paddy Power gained a bright young man who along M/s Delaney was a vital cog in the AN Post sponsorship for cycling in this country. David Foster like Aisling and Aileen will be missed. I would say for all three it’s upwards and onwards!
Q has to be the quote of the year in my estimation. It proves beyond all doubt that behind every cyclist there is a family who support them!
R is for Rory Rushe. That’s a name who behind the scenes of the Errigal International Youth Tour with his team of young ladies. Deliver the results sheets which are part and parcel of a stage race. (Truth is! He is hidden away in Santa’s Grotto!)
S is for a lady who takes knocks in her stride. Without her dive and enthusiasm which knows no boundaries. Alice Sherratt is still up for the 40th edition despite the withdrawal of the Scott Cycles sponsorship in the last number of weeks. Watch this space for further announcements. Also in the S category STRATA3, no man is bigger than a club, despite who they are!
Tadhg Moriarty, now there is an operator who knows his P’s and Q’s when it comes to the promotion of the Kerry Group Ras Mumhan. “You can travel the length and breadth of the country and you will not get a better team.”
U better watch out and take note note! Commissaries next season will not have to face the drudgery of issuing one day licences. It will be interesting to see the fall out? Applications are in operation at HQ.
V is for the villages throughout the country. Who, week-in week-out play hosts to leisure events and road races. One such is Cranford in Donegal where the buzz was the place to be in July. The JG Memorial and the Ulster Championships with the aid of the local residents and their hospitality. It is interesting to note that the BLAYNEY Bridge is fascinating!
W is for Co. Wicklow which played host to a number of top class events the season gone out. On the racing scene it goes without saying that both the Shay Elliott Memorial sponsored by New Ireland and the Laragh Classis sponsored by Friend First were of the highest standard and the leisure event of the year, THE WICKOW 200, proves that cycling in the “Garden County” is alive and well.
X is for X-Ray! The one that shows you what is broken or badly bruised?
Y iis for you the readers who regularly check on a regular basis and hopefully in particular your Friday morning menu!

Z is for snooze (You deserve it after a tough year) until next time. Have a good one and keep in touch with each and every day. YOU WILL NOT BE DISPPOINTED. As it was written in the IRISH PRESS for many years before its demise, ‘the truth is in the news.

Have a Great Christmas for all of us here at

Membership Now Open for 2018

Cycling Ireland is pleased to announce that the GoMembership system is now open for 2018 renewals.

Competitive Members

The 2018 racing season is almost upon us and there are a number of things you will need to consider for the coming year. Please read carefully below;

  • You must have a physical licence and back numbers to race, so renew early and at least one month before you intend to race
  • Check with your club to make sure they have fully affiliated for 2018 as we can’t issue your physical licence until they do so
  • Make sure that if you are of Masters age and wish to ride Masters Championships you select the correct Rider Category

If your club has yet to affiliate or meet the minimum requirements for an affiliated club (i.e. 6 registered members to include Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), your licence will be held back from postage until the club meets these regulations. We encourage riders to download the Cycling Ireland mobile app which will show you your licence, renewal and delivery status, and also lets you know whether your club has affiliated fully. The ruling this year is that if you don’t have a licence and back numbers on race day you cannot take part.

We would also encourage club officials to affiliate their clubs as early as possible to ensure licences and back numbers are able to go out to members as early as possible in January.

Leisure Members
Leisure membership runs for 12 months from the date of purchase, your next expiry date will be printed on your licence and you will also receive a reminder email that your licence is due for renewal a month before it is due to expire. There is no need for leisure members to renew their licences before the expiry date. Download our new mobile app today to display your Licence status.


Bunratty Co Clare, Dec 26th
Following on from last year’s cycle the organisers have decided to do something similar again this year.
There will be no set entry fee but donations on the day would be greatly appreciated.
Route for this Cycle is: Bunratty – Sixmilebridge – Kilmurray – Quinn – Latoon – Ballygireen – Ballycasey – Smithstown – finishing back at Bunratty (start of Cycle). Everybody Welcome
Tues 10:00The Creamery Bar, Bunratty, Ireland · Bunratty, Co Clare.


Competitive Riders – Important Info for 2018 Season

The 2018 racing season is almost upon us and there are a number of things you will need to consider for the coming year. Please read carefully below;

Event (One Day) Licences and Member renewals

For Open Road Racing the Event Licence (or One Day Licence) has been scrapped so please ensure you have renewed in good time before the first race of the year in March. We will begin posting licences in the first week of January and the system is open now for renewals so there is plenty of time to get it sorted. Please note that the turnaround time for postage can take up to 2 weeks. If you do not have your licence at sign-on you will be refused entry by the Commissaires.

If your club has yet to affiliate or meet the minimum requirements for an affiliated club (i.e. 6 registered members to include Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), your licence will be held back from postage until the club meets these regulations. We encourage riders to download our mobile app which will show you your licence, renewal and postage status, and also let you know whether your club has affiliated fully. The ruling this year is that if you don’t have a licence and back numbers on race day you cannot take part.

If you receive enough points to upgrade during the season and are waiting on the new licence and back numbers to arrive, you can show the licence on the App at race day. A Commissaire will give you temporary numbers for a small deposit at sign-on. Upon receipt of the new back numbers and licence card please return the old ones to the office as they are now void.

Event licences are still available for Off-Road Cross Country, Downhill, Enduro, Cyclo-Cross, TT’s, BMX and Leisure events all year round barring National and Provincial Championships. They are not available for any Track events.

National Championships Eligibility (Masters and IRL Nationality)

We have a number of Masters National Championships for which riders need to have the correct Rider Category in order to enter.

M30 Men
If you turn 30 in the calendar year or are in your thirties and wish to take part in some of our Masters 30 Championships, please ensure you select M30 when you renew your membership. You may still take part in Senior championships where no equivalent M30 championship takes place. Make sure you have a UCI category of Elite selected with M30 to take part in Senior Champs

M40 Men
If you turn 40 in the calendar year or have yet to switch from Senior, please make sure you select M40 when you renew your membership, to take part in any M40 championships. If you wish to ride the Rás, International Track GP or any Elite UCI events you may do so with the combination of M40 and Elite UCI Category.

M50& M60 Men
These are automatically selected for you once you reach the qualifying age

Masters Women
There are no specific Masters Women rider categories however once a female rider turns 40 in the calendar year she is eligible for the Masters Women prize in the National Road Race and TT Championships

IRL Nationality
To take part in any National Championship you must have IRL as your Nationality. If you are born in Northern Ireland and have GBR as your Nationality you may apply to switch nationality. We have to send such applications off to the UCI to be verified. Please note that once you make the switch you cannot change back. Get in touch with the office if this applies to you.

A3 National Championships
M40, M50 & M60 licence holders are not eligible for the A3 Senior championships. Only Riders with Senior or M30 Rider Categories can take part

Road Racing Points, Upgrades & Downgrades
Following the AGM there have been some changes to the upgrade thresholds for the Full Competition categories;A4 to A3 = 13 points
A4 riders carry their points forward each year
A3 to A2 = 15 points
A3 riders carry their points forward each year
A2 to A1 = 15 points
A2 rider’s points are halved upon renewal
A1 rider’s points are zeroed each year
JR (A3) to JR (A2) = 60 points for first year Juniors and 30 points for second year Juniors
JR (A4) to JR (A3) = 13 points
JR rider’s points are zeroed each year and they start back at JR (A3)

If an A1 or A2 rider has failed to score 6 points in a previous season he may apply for a downgrade with 5 points on their licence. You must apply to the National Grading Officer at [email protected] before the 28th February each year

Please see Chapters T2 & T3 of the Cycling Ireland Technical Rules for further info

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