21 January 2016; Sean Kelly of An Post Chain Reaction Sean Kelly Team at the 2016 team launch in Calpe, Spain. Picture credit: Paul Mohan / SPORTSFILE *** NO REPRODUCTION FEE ***


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by Tommy Campbell

ALL ROADS LEAD TO NEWRY tomorrow (Saturday) for the AGM of Cycling Ireland.
All will be revealed to all. Naturally there will be a-lot of soul searching about the year gone out. I’m sure the loss of all three major sponsorships for the RAS/JUNIOR TOUR/RAS na mBAN will surface during the day.

Sean Kelly of An Post Chain Reaction Sean Kelly Team at the team launch in Calpe, Spain. Picture credit: Paul Mohan

Plus, the loss of the AN POST/CHAIN REACTION team’s sponsorship. Only last week was this confirmed and despite soundings that the team was still be in play for the 20i8 season with new backing! They ran out of road! It will be a tremendous loss as far as Irish cyclists are concerned. There has been a presence on the continent since 2004/5 thanks to the help of the former Olympic Council of Ireland President Pat Hickey who played a key role in the birth of this unique programme propelled by Cycling Ireland officials at the time. Hickey’s drive and enthusiasm played a key role. I have a feeling that the door has half closed and that the future regarding the involvement of Irish cyclists could still be a reality in years to come. Sill we can be thankful for the Aqua Blue professional ream who acquitted the selves exceptionally well. Considering it was their first involve in the big league. NO doubt Timmy Barry was a guiding light? The countdown for Greg Swinand of the former Aqua Blue Academy for the hour record is only days away. Hopefully, he’ll realise his dream as long as Mr. President of the USA has not started his project of building a wall in MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Directors: Anthony Mitchell, Carl Fullerton, Ciaran McKenna, Eugene Moriarty, Gillian McDarby, Jack Watson, John Horgan &, Michael Mannix

The Cycling Ireland Annual General Meeting will take place this Saturday (11ht November, at 11am, at the Canal Court Hotel, Newry Co Down.)

Delegates are requested to arrive prior to 10:45 in order to facilitate a timely start to the AGM. Enclosed are the standing orders and final agenda for the AGM.

A detailed AGM manual with the various reports, accounts and other information will be made available to delegates on the day and also on the Cycling Ireland website at in advance of the AGM.

Please note:

 Only clubs registered for at least six months are entitled to vote (clause 25.b.ii);

 Those casting votes must be at least 18 years old as at the date of the AGM (clause 34);

 A member may cast only a signal vote for each Affiliated Club, Provincial Executive or Commission of which they are a delegate for (clause 34);

 There is no voting by proxy (clause 25.b.iii)

This year the annual Awards Night will take place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Santry, Dublin on the evening of Saturday 25st November 2016. Tickets for this event will be available shortly for sale through the Cycling Ireland website.

Standing Orders for 2017 Cycling Ireland AGM

1 Only club, commission or provincial executive delegates and persons invited by the Chairman may address the meeting.

2 A motion can only be moved by a representative of the member, as defined in the Articles of Association 2 (a) to (g) inclusive, who proposed the motion or by a Board member.

3 A motion or amendment shall be seconded immediately after the mover’s speech and before any discussion is permitted.

4 A speaker shall not speak more than once in debate on any motion or amendment except in the following circumstances:

a. A seconder may reserve their speech until later in the discussion providing the seconding is purely formal;

b. The mover of the motion shall be entitled to reply to the debate on the motion;

c. The movers of any amendment and the original motion shall be entitled to reply in that order at the end of the discussion on each amendment and before voting takes place;

d. By permission of the Chairman where an explanation, information or correction is necessary.

5 In reply to debate the movers must confine themselves to answering previous speakers and must not introduce new matters into the discussion.

6 Speakers may be limited to three minutes for the mover of the motion, two minutes for the mover of the amendment and one minute for other speakers.

7 If more than one amendment is proposed to the original motion they shall be set against the motion in their order in the final agenda. If an amendment is carried, then the motion, as amended, shall become the substantive motion.

8 A decision shall not be rescinded or amended at the same meeting by any subsequent motion.

9 It shall be competent for any delegate, who has not taken part in the debate, to move formally:

1. President’s address

2. To adopt the attached standing orders for the orderly conduct of the AGM.

3. To consider the minutes of:

 the AGM of 12st November 2016,

4. To:

 receive and consider the Directors’ report annexed to the 2016 annual accounts of the company;

 receive and consider the certified audited financial statements of the company for the year ended 31st December 2016;

Mr. Michael Mannix, Honorary Treasurer, will present these.

5. To receive an update on changes to insurance cover for 2018

6. To fix membership fees for 2018, Mr. Michael Mannix, Honorary Treasurer, will present these. The following changes to the fees are proposed for 2018

 Youth U8, U10 from € / £4 to €0 / £10

 Youth U12, U14 from €0 / £10 to €0 / £20

 Limited Competition License changes from €0 / £60 to €0 / £70

 Family Membership from €5 / £64 to €5 / £74

 Leisure Membership in regions (10% reduction for perpetual 5 year recurring Direct Debit)

 Connacht, Leinster & Munster changes from €0 to €0 (includes € provincial levy)

Ulster from €5 / £38 to €5 / €8 (includes €0/£8 provincial levy)

 Full Competition License changes from €25 / £106 to €35 / £116

7. To appoint Auditors for 2018 who will prepare the 2017 statutory accounts.

8. To consider the following reports:

 Off-road Commission Report;

 Track Commission Report;

Road Commission Report;

 BMX Commission Report;

 Women’s Commission Report;

 Paracycling Commission Report;

 Youth Academy Report;

 Anti-Doping Report;

Cyclist.ie Report

 College of Commissaires Report.

9. Business update presented by Mr Geoff Liffey, CEO.

10. To consider the following motions:

See the full list of motions at the end of the agenda

11. To elect a Board Director as Honorary President, the following have been nominated:

 Mr Ciaran McKenna has been nominated by Team Bikeworx Celbridge

 Mr Carl Fullerton has been nominated by Saddle Rock CC

12. To elect a Board Director without executive post, the following have been nominated:

 Mr Anthony Mitchell has been nominated by the Bike House CC

13. To elect a Board Director without executive post, the following have been nominated:

 Mr Ronan McLaughlin has been nominated by Aqua Blue Sport Academy

14. The following Appointed Director for confirmation is:

 Ms. Gillian McDarby

 Mr. Eugene Moriarty

15. Close of AGM


Club Delegates - Connacht

Club Delegates - Leinster

Club Delegates - Munster

Club Delegates - Ulster

Event Applications 2018 – System Now Open

Each Provincial Calendar Coordinator will review and approve, or reject, all events submitted online to be promoted in their province. Similarly, Commissions may review and approve, or reject, within its discipline. The applicant for any event rejected must be advised of the rejection and reasons for such. All approved events will be reviewed by the Events Officer who will be responsible for establishing and publishing the full Cycling Ireland Calendar, by province and discipline. Events submitted after the closing date will have no priority in the allocation of dates.

A new front end process which will make entering an event more straight forward.

The system will remain open for 4 weeks with a closing date of Sunday 19th November.

The link below has the process to follow when entering your event.

Event Application System 2018





Registered Office: Kelly Roche House, 619 North Circular Road, Dublin 1

CRO registration number: 134567

Website: www.cyclingireland.ie

Directors: Anthony Mitchell, Carl Fullerton, Ciaran McKenna, Eugene Moriarty, Jack Watson, John Horgan, Liam Twomey, Michael Mannix

The Irish Cycling Federation trading as Cycling Ireland, an Irish registered company limited by guarantee.

The AGM and Awards’ Night will be held on separate dates as shown below:

· AGM – on the 11th November in the Newry Canal Park Hotel, Newry;

· Awards’ Night – on the 25st November at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Santry, Dublin.



Rás na mBan Show Available Worldwide on RTE Player

Irish national broadcaster RTE has confirmed its intention to show TV highlights of the 2017 An Post Rás na mBan on the RTE Player.

The half-hour show is available now to view for the next 12 months on the popular streaming service. The show will be available globally with no geographical restrictions to users of the service, which averages 90,000 a day.

The five-day event based in County Kilkenny brought many of the world’s top women bike racers together for six stages of top class road racing and race organiser Valerie Considine believes this new media partnership is an important development for the race.

“This is an important association which allows us to bring the race to the widest possible audience,” says Considine.

“The 2017 race was our best ever with riders of the calibre of Olympic Champion Elinor Barker doing battle on the beautiful roads of Ireland’s Ancient East.

“With its global reach, the RTE Player is the ideal forum for presenting the very best of Irish international stage racing to the world.

“This demonstrates that people are really starting to realise there is a huge appetite and audience for the event. It is welcome vote of confidence from the national broadcaster as we continue our negotiations for a new title sponsor for 2018.”

Welcoming the show to the RTE Player platform, Content Curator Nigel Wheatley said: “RTÉ Player is delighted to be able to showcase high performance women’s cycling on our platform and bring the achievements of these elite athletes to our global streaming audience.”

To view the Rás na mBan 2017 race highlights see :



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